Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the package? Is it a kit that I have to put together?

The packet contains a pre-strung chain. All you have to do is carefully slip it out of the envelope and then gently fluff the wings or perhaps straighten the head or tail. Paper cranes are very forgiving! 🕊️

Why is there an Origami heart on each package or box?

Each Chain of Cranes envelope or Affirmation Single box has an Origami heart on it that represents one of the patterns in that particular theme. I wanted to add a heart to each package to also show that these cranes and the intention behind them comes from my heart.🕊️


Where should I hang the chain?

Supporters generally hang their chain anywhere it works! You can hang it from a shelf, hanging planter, chandelier, curtain rod, mantle, …the list is endless. A side note: I LOVE seeing photos of where chains have migrated to, so please feel free to send me a pic! With your permission, I’ll add it to the Migration Map on my website.🕊️

How long does it take you to fold an Origami crane?

When I began the Chains of Cranes Project, it took me a little over 2 minutes to fold each crane. Now I can fold one from start to finish in a little under a minute and a half. 🕊️

How many cranes have you folded since the beginning of the project?

I’ve folded over 10,000 cranes! I haven’t sold that number; I have lots of inventory at home as well as packages waiting for homes in the stores that carry my offerings! 🕊️ 

Does each chain have a different charm hanging from the bottom?

All chains are being re-strung so that they will each include a charm! Many themes have a "theme-specific" charm (Dinosaur, Affirmations, Butterflies, Sunflowers, etc.). Others have, what I consider to be my signature “default” charm, an outline of an Origami crane. 🕊️ 

What happens if I order an item online and would like to pick it up locally? Do I still get charged the shipping and handling fee?

If I am able to deliver or you pick up an item locally, I will reimburse you the shipping/handling fee. The set rate includes packaging and mailing costs, which because of the size or thickness of each package, is $5. 🕊️ 

Will the glass beads on my chain or Affirmation Single be the same as the ones pictured on the website?

The short answer is "Probably not." That is because each lampwork bead (on the Affirmation Singles) is unique and generally one-of-a-kind. The small glass beads on each Chain of Cranes will vary as well; I try to match the colors from the bottom and top cranes to the beads that I am adding to each chain. Since most of the chains have cranes in varying order, I never know which crane will be in which position on the chain. But..the beads are all beautiful! 🕊️