About Me and the Project

A Thousand Origami Cranes

​A thousand origami cranes
grants the maker one wish,
one wish
 to be granted
on paper wings,

folded and tucked with care.

​Eternal good luck is granted,
​say others.
​A legend born, and borne
by the wings of a bird.
​ Camilla-Japonica

I have enjoyed folding Origami models for many years, but always come back to my favorite design, the crane, a symbol of peace and hope.

The Chains of Cranes Project began after helping a friend get out of a difficult living situation and discovering that many friends and colleagues had experiences supporting their friends and relatives who had been in domestic violent relationships.

I believe that everyone should be surrounded by love and kindness and feel safe at home.

My project, by donating a portion of proceeds to Caring Unlimited, hopes to support their important work.

I hope your Chain of Cranes offering provides you or your loved ones with a sense of hope and peace.

To date, supporters have helped raise $5300 that has been donated to Caring Unlimited.

Thank you for YOUR support!